At Social Innovation Movement, our vision is to lead impact driven social innovations through community development based upon collective intelligence, including those emerging from corporates, academic institutions, civil society organisations, governments and local communities.


A World Where Knowledge And Action Grow Together


  • Bridge effective collaborations for social innovation
  • Lead impact-driven social innovations through community development
  • Co-create a shared body of knowledge, evidence and insight on societal challenges and opportunities

Bringing together our own – and others’ initiatives, we are building a shared body of knowledge, evidence and insight about how communities are rewiring and reframing social innovation approaches. Our knowledge and experience enable us to understand better the changing role of communities in the ever progressive world.

We involved in engaged scholarship and practice in relation to four areas:
· Collective Intelligence
· Social Innovation Capital
· Community Entrepreneurialism
· Cognitive and Mindset of Social Innovators

We leverage what we learn and co-create across different communities to spot patterns of need and opportunity. Our sphere of influence enable us to support new purposeful ideas to tackle those shared challenges. We are catalysts in co-shaping institutions’ innovation strategies that are both practical, intellectually and socially grounded.



Where resources and experiences are captured, valued, shared and celebrated


Where shared values are generated through tightly knit interaction to develop and grow community


Where interconnected groups of people co-create values



We empower leaders to freely and clearly express, openly discuss, and meaningfully construct concepts and relationships in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) contexts. We believe in authenticity through such knowledge shared and built.


A clear purpose can redefine and transform our action. We harness individual purpose through shared leadership for impact and purpose driven social innovation.


Core to the human experience is a sense of belonging. We will be absolute in our pursuit of a sustainable community that shares intelligence, emerging from collaboration and collective effort. Our ethos of ‘co-creating with’ people – rather than ‘about’ and ‘for’ people– is fundamental.


To design pilot partnerships between various stakeholders across sectors to work together towards achieving common agendas

A culmination of learning across various countries on the subject of  social innovation research and its real-life impact

Workshop on how to design pathways to impact for research


Beluran Project

The Beluran project contributes towards empowering rural entrepreneurs and strengthening the capacity for community entrepreneurialism as part of local economic and social development agenda in Sabah. The project provides an agile respond to position the Beluran rural community in the global market (i.e: selling through facebook etc) by providing practical solutions based on their current resources, taking away their reliance to public funding and support.

Banana Project

The Banana Collective aims to foster community cohesion and economic empowerment at Teringai, Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia. The longtitudinal project will begin with an initiative in the youth education space, designed to engage and develop local youth, as community-embedded future change leaders, in the longer-term aspirations of the group, which are centred around the wider theme of ‘community-based improved environmental and economic outcomes’ achieved through developmental work and capacity-building undertaken in the areas of community prosperity and resilience; civic pride; and a shared, collaborative entrepreneurial mindset.

Stingless Bee Project

The Stingless Bee Project aims to develop a potential agricultural product, Stingless Bee Honey, of the Mitabang community. By introducing homemade honey pumps, a simplified technology with parts obtainable from local stores, the community are able to boost their honey production and sell the produce for earnings. It is expected that they would be able to self-maintain and even self-build their own pumps to sells to neighbouring communities. This would be the first step to upgrade the community economic status towards money economy.



The Social Innovation Movement is sustained by its partners, with customised fee models. An agreed percentage of the total can be in kind, such as through staff secondment one-two days a week.

Some key reasons why organisations join the Social Innovation Movement include:

  • Membership provides access to strategic networks in a neutral and non-competitive high trust environment to make connections not otherwise possible.
  • We act as catalysts in co-shaping organizations’ innovation and institutional model strategies that are both practical and intellectually grounded.
  • We promote collective intelligence so that challenges are jointly addressed and solutions shared among partners.


Social Innovation Movement accepts commissions to undertake bespoke research where the project fits well with our mission.


Work where you’re inspired to explore your passions, where your talents are nurtured and cultivated. Get the opportunity you need to keep learning and growing so you stay continually ahead of the game while making a difference in the world. To apply, send your resume to hello@socialinnovation.org.


Ainurul Rosli

Ainurul is a Reader in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Brunel University London and the founding director of GRITse. She is an Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner (EMP) and an avid believer in the importance of university-industry interaction. Ainurul is part of Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia, Finland), a global team-learning community that aims to equip young adults with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities required to run their own businesses, while pursuing a degree. In terms of research, Ainurul specialises in entrepreneurship, inter-firm collaboration, innovation strategy, knowledge co-creation and impact.


Jane Chang

Jane is a founding director of GRITse, a social enterprise which seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and contribute to their wider communities through social innovation. A visionary leader who incorporates social innovation and practical entrepreneurship education in everything she does, Jane brings together an impressive eclectic mix of skills and experience. She has previously initiated six entrepreneurial ventures and is a specialist scholar of cognitive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education with a passion for bridging academia with real world impact.


Jian Li Yew
Chief Executive Officer

Jian’s career focuses on exploring, designing and facilitating social innovation initiatives. She collaborates with various stakeholders across sectors and industries to create purposeful, sustainable impact that aims to address societal needs through an open process of participation, exchange and collaboration. Her educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Emerging Economies and International Development from King’s College London, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


Hasbe Zuraiha
Chief Operating Officer

Currently heading Operations and Strategic Engagement in Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association, Hasbe has worked in various startups, NGOs and alongside social enterprises in her 9 years working experience. Her experience comprised of planning and organizing CSR and various community engagement projects, strategic planning through content ideation, stakeholder liaison and operations. Her passion is in community development and is currently completing her Masters Degree in Community Development (CSR) in University Putra Malaysia and is a graduate of Upper Iowa University in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


Shawn Ng
Impact Director

Shawn has long been involved within the social impact sphere, championing social progress, and change. He has done work in impact monitoring, advocacy as well as policy and framework recommendations and implementations and currently focuses on the impact measured in social value. Shawn has undergone Social Returns on Investment (SROI) training with Social Value UK, a pioneer within the sphere. Outside of that, he has a Masters in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility (MAGeR) from Universita Bocconi, as well as having experiences within energy access and sustainability ratings.



We are always expanding our network of community, partners and collaborators. We welcome inquiries from individuals and institutions that share our vision in supporting sustainable, collective intelligence in leading purpose-driven, impactful social innovations.