Strengthening Social Protection

Mission Statement

Towards social, legal and economic justice for all persons.

About the Agenda

Social protection is a crucial aspect of encouraging community development and fostering inclusive societies. We live in a world where communities are characterized by inequities, thus we must actively protect, rehabilitate and empower the most vulnerable groups in society to ensure they have an adequate quality of life. The impact of investment in social protection is evident on reflection of the fact that countries in the Asia- Pacific region that spend less than a quarter of the global average of 20.1 per cent of GDP also have the highest levels of moderate poverty,

In order to reach the ideal of a self-sufficient, dignified and harmonious society, we must secure equal access to social, economic and legal justice for all persons. This cross-sectoral approach to social protection will require collaborative innovation in order to formulate a strategic framework which caters to the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

This Collaborative Transformation agenda will thus focus on the following areas:

  • Social Security and Welfare
  • Justice and the Legal System
  • Social Transformation