Safeguarding Human Rights

Mission Statement

Towards the universality of human rights.

About the Agenda

Protecting and promoting human rights is essential for maintaining just and peaceable civil societies where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive Nationally, significant progress in terms of the fundamental freedoms of individuals was made when the government pledged to make Malaysia’s human rights record globally respected, and to this end established a comprehensive roadmap for legal and institutional reform.

However, even with these clear political commitments to safeguarding human rights, we are still far from the ultimate goal of equal enjoyment of fundamental human rights for every citizen. To achieve this, we need to actively connect words with action. There is a need for data and insight to guide decision-making, and formulate cohesive strategies, to advance a culture of human rights whilst managing the inevitable political and legal tensions.

This Collaborative Transformation agenda will thus focus on the following areas:

  • Freedom of Belief and Religion
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/ LGBTI
  • Freedom from Interference with Privacy
  • Freedom of Opinion and Information
  • Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association