Resonating our beliefs in co-creation as a form of collective intelligence in action, one of the integral part of Social Innovation Movement is curating Thought Leadership Dialogue Discussions for our various Collaborative Transformation agendas. The discussions serves as a form of Focus Group Discussion where constructive exchanges of thoughts and resources are recorded and compiled to produce reports as a guide in piloting and scaling impact solutions collaboratively.

Towards A New Vision of Ageing : Thought Leadership Dialogue Discussion 1 focused on the landscape and future opportunities to strengthen and support silver economy in Malaysia

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Unlocking Youth Potential : Thought Leadership Dialogue Discussion 1 focused on identifying the gaps and opportunities of youth empowerment collaboration for Underprivileged Youth

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Webinar : A Tale of Two Generations During Crisis aimed to highlight various intergenerational innovations that help raise the concept of ‘social sustainability’ and how it can fill gaps in facing challenging crises.

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