Leaving Responsible Footprints

Mission Statement

Towards conscious climate action and sustainable solutions.

About the Agenda

The climate crisis is no longer a prediction, it is a data-based reality which is internationally present in both dialogue and daily life. Southeast Asia has been identified as among the regions to be hit hardest by climate change in the near future, with the Asian Development Bank estimating climate change could take 11 percent off the region’s GDP by the end of the century by disrupting key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and fishing. Thus, a cross-sectoral commitment to climate action by ASEAN countries is of high importance in order to mitigate against the potentially devastating consequences of climate change.

As a result of rising climate urgency, all stakeholders need to actively promote cohesive policies relating to green growth and systematic climate action in order to reduce negative environmental impact. The climate crisis we are facing is complex, multi-level and global, thus we require numerous collaborators to create sustainable solutions to achieve the ultimate goal of responsible climate action.

This Collaborative Transformation agenda will thus focus on the following areas:

  • Green Growth and Systematic Climate Action
  • Individual Climate Action
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environment Education