Enhancing Gender Equality

Mission Statement

Towards unlocking the power of gender parity.

About the Agenda

Worldwide, gender is an artificial barrier preventing women and girls unlocking their full potential. Gender imbalance in the Asia-Pacific region is reflected in the fact that women spend up to 11 times more time on unpaid domestic work, in the fact that 1in 3 women experienced physical violence from a partner and in the fact the female labour force participation rate is falling. To unlock the value of women and girls, we need to remove all existing limitations to inclusive and equitable development in order to ensure economic, political, legal and social equality for all persons.

Gender equality brings clear moral and ethical benefits by contributing to building inclusive communities. Further, advancing gender balance has positive implications in terms of national development. Thus, it is essential all stakeholders make a conscious effort to encourage innovative strategies that work towards equity for all persons in order to unlock the power of parity.

This Collaborative Transformation agenda will thus focus on the following areas:

  • Economic Equality
  • Government Action for Gender Equality
  • Social Equality
  • Women’s Health and Wellbeing