Connectivity for all

Mission Statement

Towards a connected system where the opportunities are limitless.

About the Agenda

The world has never been more connected than it is today. Although we have witnessed significant improvements in physical, digital and institutional connectivity, we are still far from the ultimate goal of full inclusivity. To access the benefits arising from connectivity, there is a need to encourage cohesive policies to close the gaps, whilst successfully managing the inevitable tension between fast- paced innovation and ethics.

Bringing people together, online and offline, leads to limitless opportunities. Thus, aiming towards connectivity for everyone, everywhere, requires collaboration between the government, private sector, civil society organisations, academic institutions and local communities in order to balance both supply and demand of connectivity in a sustainable fashion.

This Collaborative Transformation agenda will thus focus on the following areas:

  • Physical Connectivity
  • Digital Connectivity
  • People-To-People and Institutional Connectivity